Nicotine gum sperm count

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Men who smoke are less likely to make a woman pregnant than nonsmokers, and the more they smoke the worse their chances are, a new study finds.Cape Town - Men considering fatherhood should steer clear of nicotine — and not only cigarettes but nicotine-replacement products, such as gum or patches, should be avoided.Human fertility is in crisis.Release Date: January 21, Continuing Education.Smoking and especially nicotine also affects fertility in both women and men.

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Studies have repeatedly linked maternal smoking during pregnancy with reduced sperm counts in male offspring.

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Infertility is common among couples of child-bearing age and approximately half of known causes of primary infertility are attributable to male factor.This is according to new research by the University of Stellenbosch revealing that nicotine harms sperm viability.Nicotine is a major toxic and hazardous component of cigarette smoke, and it has been widely used in nicotine replacement therapy NRT.

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